Dog’s name is P.J. and he is a  5 year old german shepherd weighing in at around 100 lbs.  He is my shadow.  His song to me would be Every Step You Take by Sting!  He is very much a part of my horse world because of that.  He was a rescue dog that my dear friend placed with me seven months after I lost my other shepherd to old age.  But really, the lines are blurred as to whom exactly rescued whom!  Consequently, P.J. was 7 months old when he came to be with me.  One of those things in life that makes you go hum.  He does very well with all the horses but has developed a trusting relationship most of all with Amber.  When I am pinching her chestnuts off he actually attempts to help, gently nibbling away with his teeth, but only with her.  They are after all a dog’s favorite treat!!  He has definitely taught our horses to feel comfortable around big dogs and in fact how to intimidate big dogs as opposed to “being” intimidated by them.  Some of them enjoy chasing him…and he graciously concedes.  I see a lot of  “prey chasing predator activities” out here!



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