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Making Progress

I moved Amber back in with Rosie and Lady today, having decided to do most of Amber’s work primarily alone, and in the round pen, away from the herd.  We went on a very long trail ride this past weekend which helped us to get passed the “bump” in the road.  We reconnected as a … Continue reading

Keep Trying Till You Get It Right

Every horse is different.  From their personalities to the way they learn.  In my herd of three for example, Rosie has a “can do” happy go lucky, what’s next personality.  Lady has a “I don’t want to be bothered so I’ll just stand over here in the barn and watch attitude”.  Amber is in between.  … Continue reading

My Horse Drew a Picture For Me

Today when I went in to sit with my herd, Amber and Rosie were right there in my space as soon as I sat down.  The matriarch, Lady, was a few feet away, and just watched.  Both were particularly mouthy today, each licking an arm.  I had to move them out of my space quite a … Continue reading

Hanging Out With My Horses

I decided today to just hang out with a few of my horses.  I needed a little R&R and I am getting ready to start a summer workshop with them.  I brought a chair into their pasture, my tablet to read, a cold drink, sunshades, a hat and one apple.  While there were three horses … Continue reading

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