Mademoiselle BelleQuest


Born on March 31 of 2012, this is our newest and youngest herd member.  She is the daughter of Bell, and grand-daughter of Color Quest, the stallion I lost two years ago.  She was born tame!  A few weeks before her birth I was bathing Bell and she starting moving and squirming so much I thought she might just decide to come right then and there.  I placed my hands on her and spoke to her for a while.  So, just possibly, she knew the sounds of humans already and my voice therefore our presence didn’t rattle her when she saw the two-legged horses for the first time!    There are those who would say she is an old soul.  Our grand-daughter wants to call her Emily so that is what her barn name will be.  Since we have no other foals for her to play with, hopefully she will develop a relationship with dog quickly as I know he will be happy to oblige her.


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