She’s Society’s Lady


Lady is truly the queen bee of our ranch.  Standing 16.2 hands and weighing in at around 1200 lbs., this 20 year old mare has contributed greatly with her offspring in the walking horse world.  All we bred with her inherited her size and intelligence.  Lady became part of our family at 12 years old and we have watched her go from boss mare to under-cover boss mare over the years because of her age, at least that is how it appears.  When she has been in a herd of submissive horses, no one really appears to be in charge, just friends.  When she is in a herd with a dominate horse, she appears to give it up, but in most cases, I have seen her doing things in subtle ways that say she is really the “lead” horse.  To her, it’s really not about dominance, it’s about leadership and true leaders don’t have to dominate.  She is highly intelligent.  Years ago, Lady decided one evening to let herself out of her stall, then proceeded down the property to other barn areas where her favorite friends were, and systematically let them out too.  She had a big ole party that nite!  Thankfully  she didn’t let our stallions out!  It is because of Lady (and Amber) that you will find all stall and barn doors tied with strings and ropes in addition to the latches at our ranch!  To sum her personality up, demure, introverted, strong sense of fairness and respect, and very intelligent. There are many times I feel that Lady is teaching me and knows it.  She is a true leader in every sense of the word and I know I can learn much from her.  Her main job over the years has been to produce foals though she has been ridden off and on.  Lady and I were once very connected but like all relationships, together time is a necessary ingredient for the relationship to grow.  The majority of my down time over the years was spent with Amber, my stallions, my foals and yearlings.  Lady and I in a sense lost that loving feeling.  We are working on getting that back.  Lady is a tiny bit head shy, always has been. Something we need to work on together.   Even though Lady is up in age, she has a big motor although we need to work on her stamina after years of being a brood mare.


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