Goldstrike’s Rosie


Rosie is nine years old and is about 15.2 hands tall.  She has a beautiful thick mane and tail….very feminine and graceful.  She is the only one of our herd that was taught to neck rein.  Rosie always has a willing attitude and has never shown any signs of stubborness.  In the herd environment, she is submissive although she is great friends with both Lady and Amber which she is currently pastured with, both of whom are “Lead” horses.  Needless to say, she is happy and there is never a squabble. Lady gently corrects Rosie by slightly pinning her ears if she is being a little childish, which Rosie can be.  In some ways, Rosie is a perpetual child in her disposition and pretty much happy go lucky though just like a child, in the herd environment, she sometimes cannot resist testing those boundaries just for the fun of it! And maybe, just like a child, in knowing they are there, she finds security.  There is a part of Amber that is also a perpetual child though she can step up to the plate and be an adult when needed so….she and Rosie are BFF’s.  Rosie is my daughter’s horse.


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