Bourbon Street Belle


Belle is 15.0  hands of sheer dominance when it comes to other herd members.  Don’t mess with Bell. Don’t look at Bell. Don’t stand too close to Bell.  Don’t breathe in Bell’s direction. She is truly a drill sergeant.  She likes things done a certain way and will accept nothing less. If you are another dominate horse, be prepared to duke it out and don’t count on her small stature having any meaning at all, cuz it doesn’t!   Belle was my show ring horse so that attitude is a plus in that environment.  She has heart, lots of it.  And, she hates other horses which translates in the show ring to winning. She would rather die than let another horse out do her!  With humans, she is the exact opposite, very sweet, trusting,  and trustworthy. However, she is a bit hot in the bridle on her back.  She is in charge. Something we need to work on.  She too has produced several foals and currently has one by her side.  Her babies always come out beautiful, just like her. Very refined and dainty in their physiques with an attitude in the way they move. To see Belle move is like watching poetry in motion.  She plants her back feet with definitive purpose and carries herself with the poise and dignity of royalty.   Consequently, that matches her personality!  Though Belle is dominate with a capital D, she is not a “lead” horse.  It’s all about her.  Just as with humans, true leaders do not have to dominate. But, she is beautiful!


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