Amber’s Bohemian Spirit


At five years old, Bo stands at about 16.2 hands and weighs in at about 1300 lbs. He is a big fellow yet as sweet as they come.  He is Amber’s boy.  They are not currently pastured together so she sometimes decides to go down and visit him.  It is very obvious in watching Bo and Amber that horses do not forget their offspring nor do their offspring forget their dams.  When they are together, though he is grown, she is still mama and he is still baby.  She is very protective of him regarding other horses though he is big enough to fight his own battles.  He is submissive but only in an environment where he has to be.   He really just wants to be friends with everyone and most of the time, he is Mr. Popularity.  His personality has a soothing effect on the herd.  He was always like that, even as a weanling.  That year we had three other foals born all around the same time.  The other three did the normal horse stuff to figure out which one of them was dominate while Bo just stood back and watched.  He had no interest.  He liked them all and they all liked him!  He is as laid back as they come though I cannot say I have been with him in a herd environment in a while.  I will probably pull him up with the ladies for a bit this summer to further his growth and to see where he is at this point in time.  As far as humans go, he is a pussy cat.


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