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This blog is about my journey and experiences with my horses.  I have owned horses for about 14 years now and was in the breeding business for about 10 of those 14 years.  Through out those years, I have experienced what some would consider “out of the ordinary occurrences” regarding horses and humans and as I move forward on my equine journey, I move forward with an “awareness”  I didn’t have when I began.   Having lost my primary breeding stallion two years ago, I am no longer a breeder and as a result, I have reduced my herd to four mares, one gelding and one filly, born May 31, 2012. It is with that small herd that I now continue this journey.  You will come to know each member of that herd as intimately as I do.  They are all special and unique in their own way.  Usually when I am with my horses, one of my dogs, a 90 lb. german shepherd named P.J., is right by my side.  I will refer to him as “dog”, just to keep things clear in my blogs.  He has become a big part of my story and equine journey.  Now that the warmer months are here, I do plan on spending as much “stolen” time with my herd as possible.  Riding will not be the focus, connecting on that deeper level and becoming part of the herd, while developing my skills as the “funny looking lead horse” are my goals. Along the way too, I hope to shed light on how horses can help us in so many facets of our development and in emotional healing.  A couple of years ago I had a Bed and Breakfast customer who asked how horses help us heal.  It was a sincere question and I believe it was asked so that she might have that experience at our ranch.  Perhaps it was a “how to do it” kind of question. I couldn’t give her a clear and concise answer, other than just being in their presence is healing.  It is much more than that, but I had no words to explain it nor was I able to express how to achieve it, although really, it is not about achieving, it is really just about “being”.  As of this writing today, I still struggle in finding the right words.  Therefore, I will also be focused on formulating how to articulate the healing gifts horses bring to our hearts, souls, and minds and how to recognize when and how we are receiving those special gifts as I continue on my journey.  I am of the opinion that horses are true earth angels who are intelligent, intuitive, possess a keen sense of equity, respect, and justice, and demonstrate such depth of spirit and soul, it is hard for most humans to recognize much less understand, myself included.  It is my goal however, to do just that to the best of my ability.  I believe it is the same with all animals actually, but ahhhh, there is something really special and unique about horses. Perhaps it is because their souls and spirits have such presence and beauty and we sense that just below the surface beats the heart of a wild beast,  something unnamable that we really can’t tame, yet, they choose to be with us. We all know, man cannot make a 1200 lb. horse do anything.  He does it because he wants to; he wants to be of service to mankind and has done just that throughout the ages.   Horses can also be very loving and affectionate.  Many say they aren’t, that is limited to man’s best friend. But, I promise, along the way, I think you will see what I know, the opposite is true.  I believe horses are also man’s best friend, we just have to look deeper.


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