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Meditating With My Horses

Life got busy….and it had been a couple of weeks that I had not been able to spend any time with Amber or the herd.  As the old cliché’ goes….absence makes the heart grow fonder as is visible in this video.  While Rosie chose not to join us today as we mediated and hung out together, all three greeted me with great big equine hello’s.   Amber didn’t want to leave my side and as you will see, the normally evasive Lady was anything but.  I was sitting, and both ended up hovering over my head and asking for rubs.  In fact, though I did not capture it on video, Lady even gave me a few head and back massages.  It was an amazing experience.  One that left me exceedingly relaxed and on top of the world as both the lead horse and the matron mare of the herd enthusiastically embraced me in their loving energy. To view the video, just click the link above or click the Camelot You Tube Tab at the top and find it on our channel.

Though the video is short, I hope you are able to experience a little bit of the bliss that I did.

About Ginger

I have been a horse breeder for 10 years however due to various circumstances, that chapter of my life has been closed. While it is a great loss, I choose to see it as a new beginning. I look forward to changing my focus on that of breeding to personal development in the world of horses. I have reduced my herd to five mature horses and a filly, just born on March 31, 2012. My goals are to work on my skills as a horse woman in a way that honors the horse and helps me to fully realize my potential in achieving so much more with my herd than is possible with traditional training methods. I have over the years experienced what many would consider, quite a few "out of the ordinary" experiences with them and it is my hope to expand on these experiences on a much deeper level. I believe we can learn so much from them as human beings and I have personally experienced joy and release on days when I really needed it, just from being in their presence. Horses help us to see who we really are in so many ways and I believe can help us improve as human beings in grace, kindness, truth, and mutual respect. This blog is about my journey and experiences as I set out to find that deeper level of connection with my herd.


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