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Intuitional Equine Experiences

Today I was Clearly Amber’s Chosen Herd

ImageToday I didn’t have much time to spend in sharing space with my herd but…Lady and Rosie walked off within the first five minutes to the other side of the pasture.  I wasn’t even going to go today, but, when I looked over at the pasture from my back yard, Amber was looking directly at me, as if she knew I was gonna walk to the edge of my house at precisely that moment and the intent “look” communicated that she was waiting for me to go “be” with her.  I was a bit startled at first….as most humans are when we have “intuitional” experiences.  There was no way she could have even known I was in the back yard much less about to step to the corner of my house.  Great example of equine intuition and human bond.  That was all it took, I knew I needed to go, even it was only for five minutes.  Though my other two mares left quickly today once I got settled in the pasture, my loyal friend Amber stayed with me, confirming what I had felt from my back yard. She just wanted to be with me.  It was close to dinner time so the energy was a bit off for her and because I was not in a meditative state but a hurried state, mine was off too.  Still, it meant a lot to me that she remained with me as opposed to walking away with the other herd members.  While there were a few affectionate moments, today was more playful, repeatedly doing things with me repeatedly telling her no, like trying to chew on my shoes.  But, she stayed.  Leaving to go graze with the herd was not even a thought in her head.  She chose to remain with me and not eat.  A huge feat for Amber since that big girl is all about eating! She did however have a few quiet moments with me just standing and closing her eyes, as horses do with one another.  I was the “herd” she chose to be with.  That was the message.  Needless to say, she made me feel very special as she always does.  I adore that horse.

About Ginger

I have been a horse breeder for 10 years however due to various circumstances, that chapter of my life has been closed. While it is a great loss, I choose to see it as a new beginning. I look forward to changing my focus on that of breeding to personal development in the world of horses. I have reduced my herd to five mature horses and a filly, just born on March 31, 2012. My goals are to work on my skills as a horse woman in a way that honors the horse and helps me to fully realize my potential in achieving so much more with my herd than is possible with traditional training methods. I have over the years experienced what many would consider, quite a few "out of the ordinary" experiences with them and it is my hope to expand on these experiences on a much deeper level. I believe we can learn so much from them as human beings and I have personally experienced joy and release on days when I really needed it, just from being in their presence. Horses help us to see who we really are in so many ways and I believe can help us improve as human beings in grace, kindness, truth, and mutual respect. This blog is about my journey and experiences as I set out to find that deeper level of connection with my herd.

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