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My Horse Drew a Picture For Me

Today when I went in to sit with my herd, Amber and Rosie were right there in my space as soon as I sat down.  The matriarch, Lady, was a few feet away, and just watched.  Both were particularly mouthy today, each licking an arm.  I had to move them out of my space quite a … Continue reading

Today I was Clearly Amber’s Chosen Herd

Today I didn’t have much time to spend in sharing space with my herd but…Lady and Rosie walked off within the first five minutes to the other side of the pasture.  I wasn’t even going to go today, but, when I looked over at the pasture from my back yard, Amber was looking directly at me, … Continue reading

Sharing Space

Dog and I have now “shared space” with my herd on about 4 separate occasions.  What I have noticed is that we are becoming much less of a novelty and I have certainly seen the relationship between dog and the herd deepen very quickly.  Amber has even given him a great back scratch which he … Continue reading

Hanging Out With My Horses

I decided today to just hang out with a few of my horses.  I needed a little R&R and I am getting ready to start a summer workshop with them.  I brought a chair into their pasture, my tablet to read, a cold drink, sunshades, a hat and one apple.  While there were three horses … Continue reading

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